ANZIF 2019 Christchurch Conference 

ANZIF Conference Proceedings 2019 
Speakers and Presentations

Adam Forbes - Permanent Native Carbon Forests from Radiata Pine Plantations

Joe Johnson - The 5Fundementals of Successful Rehabilitation of Disturbed Lands

Tony Bartlett - Facilitating Sustainable Smallholder Forestry in Developing Countries

Rien Visser and Campbell Harvey - Challenges and Opportunities for Low Impact Harvesting on Steep Slopes

Peter Houston and Hugh Ford - Investment Woodlot Analysis

Chris Perley - Woodlands in Farmed Landscapes: Realising Scope

Alfred Duvel - Telling our Story

Cris Brack and Junzhiwei Jiang - Augmented reality technology: Impacts on Urban forestry?

Trevor Best - The Positive Potential of Confronting Stress in the Forest Industry.

Cris Brack - Forestry Education in Australia: People change, does education?

Mark Bloomberg - A risk management framework for landslides in NZ plantation forest

Euan Mason - Mythology, carbon and radiata pine

Andrew McEwen - A Forest Policy for New Zealand

Phil West - Do increasing respiratory costs explain the decline with age in forest growth rate? 

Chris Perley - Building Resilience to Uncertainty in landscape Management in the Post- Industrial Age

Karen Bayne, Peter Edwards, Tim Payn - Trees in the landscape - maintaining forestry's social licence in a changing climate. 

Murray Dudfield - Fire Management in the Forest and Rural Landscape "At What Cost"

Fiona Ewing - Can't see the Forest for the Trees.

Rob de Fegely - Knowing the Forests and the Trees - Why Foresters Matter?

Tim Wardlaw - A Climate for change in forest health surveillance? 

Lisa Langer - Wildfire risk to forests and communities in a changing hazard environment.

Tara Strand, Ilze Pretorius, Wayne Schou, Rebet Bryce, Veronica Clifford, Narasimhan Larkin, Neal McLoughlin, Martin Cope - A real-time fire spread and smoke forecasting system

Cressida Lehmann, Claire Howell, Tony Hunn, Nicholas Innes, Rohan Jacobsen, Rosemary Lott, Martin Mutendeudzi, Steve Read - Telling the story of Australia's forests in the connected age.

Gina Potter - New connections - ANZIF and the development of Forest Schools

Peter Clark - The Future of New Zealand Forestry

Penny Clark-Hall - Forestry's Social Licence to Operate

Antonia Reid - A Forest Strategy for Aotearoa New Zealand

Brad Barr - Wespine Canary Island Pine

Bruce Manley - Adapting forestry education in New Zealand to a changing environment

Don CarsonPerceptions of the Forestry Industry

Gerraint Richards - Duchy of Cornwall - History

Michelle Freeman - The Future of Forestry in Australia

Michelle Lauder - Communicating Australia's Forest Policy and Forestry Credentials

Oliver Hendrickson - Challenges of developing forestry policy ina multi stakeholder environment

Steve Chandler - Pigeon Valley Nelson NZ Fire - Learning and Challenges

Peter Berg - Some Reflections on the NZ (State) Forest Service - formally established on 1 September 1919

Jim Carle - ANZIF 2019 Resolutions part 1

Jim Carle - ANZIF 2019 Resolutions part 2