Otago Regional Council - Water Quality Standards - Fraser McRae

Improving Pest Management - Sherman Smith

Fire and Emergency New Zealand - Fraser Fyfe

Changes to the TB Programme - Brent Rohloff

Update on FISC - Neil Thomas

Update of the Proposed NES for Plantation Forestry - Oliver Hendrickson (Presentation not available)

Grade Simplification in Harvesting Operations - David Herries

ETS Review/Carbon Outlook - Nigel Brunel and Kay Harrison

OIO Workshop - Cameron Pentecost

School of Forestry – Otago Southland Case Study Presentation - Alfred Duval

Future market directions - David Evison

Introduction to Forest Growing and Processing in Otago & Southland - Grant Dodson

Taking opportunities in sensitive catchments - Mike Barton

Regulatory Risk and Market Response: Converting Pre-1990 forests to Dairy farming - Edwin Jansen

Political Leaders - Stuart Nash

Growing New Zealand's international supply chain - Blair Morris

Port Logistics - C3 Limited Applied Technologies - Matt Wakelin

Pruning – Adding Value in the Forest? - David Janett

Processing and Marketing Timber Clears - Shaun Cawood

International Market Outlook - Paul Nicholls

Bioenergy Hubs: Otago & Southland – EECA - Steve Canny

Freshwater Crayfish Aquaculture - a fresh approach to farming within existing productive land - John Hollows

Plantation Hardwoods in Southland - Graeme Manley

M?nuka, a viable alternative land use? - Angus McPherson

Essential oil from wildings - Paul Greaves