Goals of the committee

To bring together individual NZIF members who are carbon / forestry practitioners to ensure that carbon / forestry matters as they relate to the client base of NZIF members are represented to officials / regulators in a considered and cohesive manner. Presently the industry receives a lot of information and regulatory push but save for consultation there is little opportunity to actually engage for a considered, thoughtful and sensible outcomes meeting the needs and aspirations of carbon foresters, regulators and officials. Matters of high interest at present are the recently announced significant increase in fees in the running of the regulators system but in the future are NZ’s negotiations relating to importation of other countries Units and for this committee the focus will be on how that impacts NZ carbon foresters.

Committee members

Greg Adlam (Chair)
Adrian Loo
Stu Orme
Kevin Reardon
Mike Duckett

Terms of Reference