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NZIF Forest Fire Committee

The Forest Fire Committee was established by the NZIF Council in June 2016. Its broad aim is to represent the interests of the profession in matters relating to the management of fire in the forest and rural landscape. In addition the Committee is also working closely with the Institute of Foresters Australia (IFA) Forest Fire Committee in areas of common interest.

The purpose of the Newsletter is to keep NZIF members:

  • updated on developments with Fire and Emergency NZ (FENZ) in the management of fires in the New Zealand forest and rural landscape
  • informed about the activities of the NZIF Forest Fire Committee

11:46 AM, 18 Oct 2017

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Submission - Productivity Commissions Low-emmission economy

Key Massages:

  • The Emissions Trading Scheme does not and cannot incentivise afforestation.
  • Stagnant and declining rates of afforestation reduce on the option of greater emphasis on bio-based and carbon-storing products within the GHG emissions constrained economy of the future.

10:32 AM, 02 Oct 2017


NZIF Newsletter 09 October 2017

President's Column 

As we wait for our Government to be formed there has been much commentary on what may or may not be the conditions of coalition. The major discussion around forestry has been the idea of forcing forest owners to supply domestic mills. This idea has been discussed on both TV1 and TV3 as well as on Radio National and various written publications.

Whilst I am sure there are some who think this is good idea I struggle with it. Presumably being forced to sell to the domestic mills means ‘at a discount’ and this, I am afraid, is very short sighted. Almost all of New Zealand understands we need new and increased planting to meet many of our environmental objectives, yet this one idea would do more to stop new planting than almost anything else the Government could suggest. I know no other investment where the Government legislates the investor must sell to a processor. Where this has partially occurred (e.g Fonterra) it has occurred with the growers agreement and with the goal of improving returns to the grower, not reducing them.

10:33 AM, 09 Oct 2017

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Media Release - NZIF Foundation Awards 2017

The NZIF Foundation announced its 2017 awards at the New Zealand Institute of Forestry conference dinner in Rotorua last week.  The awards encourage and support forestry-related education, training and research through the provision of grants, scholarships and prizes; promoting the acquisition, development and dissemination of forestry-related knowledge and information and other activities.

1:41 PM, 19 Sep 2017

The Prince of Wales Presentation to the NZIF Conference, Rotorua 2017

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