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3:15 PM, 22 Dec 2017


NZIF Newsletter 20 November 2017 (Thorpe's Thoughts)

As this is the last NZIF newsletter for 2017, I thought I would review events over the past year and take a look at what might be coming up in 2018. Before I do so, a Happy Christmas and New Year to all of you. Don’t forget your Christmas tree. You never know, it might help inspire the next generation to a career in forestry – we need them. 

Lest we forget, five families whose sons did not return home from the forest in 2017 will for the first time be facing a Christmas without them. Another four families will be facing a second Christmas without their sons and a further three will be facing a third. We need to do our best so that no new names are added to this list in 2018. 

The year 2017 has ended on a high for forestry, an early Christmas present from politicians.  Talk of planting a billion trees and resurrecting the NZ Forest Service has a nice ring around it, even if there is a lot of work still to do. It is in somewhat unclear what will eventuate, but satisfying that forestry is back on the political radar screen. 

10:11 AM, 20 Nov 2017

NZIF Salary Survey Report Released

The inaugural NZIF Salary Survey has been completed and access to the survey is described below for members' benefit. The survey was sent to 600 NZIF members excluding retired, overseas and student members. 199 responses (33%) were able to be used in the survey.Items of interest include:

4:48 PM, 19 Dec 2017

NZIF 2017 Rotorua 39

New Zealand Journal of Forestry Volume 62 Number 3, November 2017

This issue contains a short report on the 2017 NZIF conference held in Rotorua. The Last Word is from Jonathan Dash, Chair of the Organising Committee. There is a paper explaining the National Environmental Standard for Plantation Forestry. MPI responds to the paper in the February issue of the journal on the ETS for small-scale forest owners. There are papers on 100 years of the eucalyptus tortoise beetle and quantifying carbon in logs exported from New Zealand. The accuracy of data about the small-scale forest owners is queried, including that of areas reported in LUCAS, the Land Use Carbon Analysis System.

5:22 PM, 08 Nov 2017

NZIF Conference 2018

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The Prince of Wales Presentation to the NZIF Conference, Rotorua 2017

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