NZIF 2017 Rotorua 39

New Zealand Journal of Forestry Volume 62 Number 3, November 2017

This issue contains a short report on the 2017 NZIF conference held in Rotorua. The Last Word is from Jonathan Dash, Chair of the Organising Committee. There is a paper explaining the National Environmental Standard for Plantation Forestry. MPI responds to the paper in the February issue of the journal on the ETS for small-scale forest owners. There are papers on 100 years of the eucalyptus tortoise beetle and quantifying carbon in logs exported from New Zealand. The accuracy of data about the small-scale forest owners is queried, including that of areas reported in LUCAS, the Land Use Carbon Analysis System.

5:22 PM, 08 Nov 2017

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NZIF Forest Fire Committee

The Forest Fire Committee was established by the NZIF Council in June 2016. Its broad aim is to represent the interests of the profession in matters relating to the management of fire in the forest and rural landscape. In addition the Committee is also working closely with the Institute of Foresters Australia (IFA) Forest Fire Committee in areas of common interest.

The purpose of the Newsletter is to keep NZIF members:

  • updated on developments with Fire and Emergency NZ (FENZ) in the management of fires in the New Zealand forest and rural landscape
  • informed about the activities of the NZIF Forest Fire Committee

11:46 AM, 18 Oct 2017


NZIF Newsletter 06 November 2017 (President's Column)

President's Column 

Since the announcement from the Hon. Peters he was hanging New Zealand Firsts hat with Labour there has been much discussion as to what this means for forestry. I have received many emails from members either for the new Government, against them or for some policies and against others.

NZIF is in regular (weekly or even more often) talks with the new Government. To date I am pleased to see the massive amount of consultation this Government is undertaking to understand all the issues in regards to our sector. This already puts them above the last nine years of Government in my book.

Time will tell what policies are actually put in place, but I don’t expect them to be the same as those suggested during electioneering. Policies will be pared back or perhaps replaced as this Government gains a better understanding of our sector.

9:24 AM, 06 Nov 2017

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Submission - Productivity Commissions Low-emmission economy

Key Massages:

  • The Emissions Trading Scheme does not and cannot incentivise afforestation.
  • Stagnant and declining rates of afforestation reduce on the option of greater emphasis on bio-based and carbon-storing products within the GHG emissions constrained economy of the future.

10:32 AM, 02 Oct 2017

The Prince of Wales Presentation to the NZIF Conference, Rotorua 2017

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