Future Forester

Future Foresters NZ aims to be part of the solution.

Forestry in New Zealand needs keen, talented, young people to enter and stay in all areas of the industry.

Future Foresters is a community. As young people move into the workforce & shape their careers, its important to stay connected with their peers. Through local & national events we create a space where like-minded individuals can get together & support each other.

Future Foresters host a range of events; from "networking" BBQ's through professional development sessions.

Go out on a limb, share your ideas & we will make it happen!

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Executive Committee 

Contact by email the Future Forester contact in your area.

FRESTRA Young Forester of the Year Award

This award recognises an individual future forester who has displayed commitment and passion for the forestry industry or their forestry profession. This will be awarded to a young Forester who aligns themselves with the original values of the historic FRESTRA Club and the current values of the NZ Future Foresters and demonstrates commitment to social connection, developing the forestry community, and taking forestry into the 21st century and beyond.

The successful recipient will receive their name engraved on the FRESTRA Young Forester of the Year Award, a $1,000 cash reward, and $1,000 to go towards a field trip anywhere in New Zealand hosted by Future Foresters.

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