The New Zealand Institute of Forestry is extremely proud of the members who have ensured forestry remains a industry with the highest professional and ethical standards.

Our Honours Boards include the names of our:

  • Honorary Members
  • NZIF Fellows
  • Kirk Horn Award winners
  • NZIF Forester of the Year winners
  • The Prince of Wales Award for Sustainable Forestry

Honorary Members

An Honorary Member is elected as an Honorary Member at the NZIF AGM. To be elected, they must have been outstanding in service to the NZIF and contributed to, or influenced, the practice of forestry but not be a Member at the time of nomination.

Mr William Cleghorn

Ms Patricia (Trish) Fordyce 

Mr Anthony Grayburn (also an NZIF Fellow)

Dr Morgan Williams

Professor Emeritus William Libby

Dr Alex Sutherland




Deceased Honorary Members

Professor Thomas White 

Mr Anthony Beveridge

 Mr Jim Spiers 


A Fellow of the NZIF is a full voting member other than an Honorary member who has been recognised by NZIF members as having achieved eminence in the profession.

Mr Ian Armitage, Ordinary 

Mr Ian Barton, Retired 

Dr Colin Basset, Retired 

Mr Peter Berg, Ordinary

Mr Alan Bell, Registered

Dr Hugh Bigsby, Ordinary

Ms Jaquette (Ket) Bradshaw, Ordinary

Mr Peter Brown, Registered

Dr Rowland Burdon, Ordinary

Mr Geoffrey Cameron, Registered

Mr James (Jim) Carle, Ordinary

Mr Jeremy Christmas, Ordinary

Mr Peter Clark, Registered

Dr David Cown

Mr Garth Cumberland, Retired Registered

Mr Russell Dale, Ordinary

Mr Barrie Downey, Ordinary 

Mr Murray Dudfield, Retired

Dr David Evison, Registered

Mr David Field, Retired 

Mr John Galbraith, Registered

Mr Brett Gilmore, Registered

Dr Christopher Goulding, Registered

Mr Christopher Groome




Mr Anthony Grayburn, Honorary

Mr Dennys Guild, Registered

Mr Don Hammond, Registered

Mr Peter Hill, Ordinary

Mr Nicholas Ledgard, Ordinary

Mr Hamish Levack, Registered

Mr Bill Liley, Registered

Mr Piers Maclaren

Mr Mike Marren, Registered

Professor Bruce Manley, Registered

Dr Andrew McEwen, Registered

Mr Colin McKenzie, Retired

Dr Euan Mason, Ordinary

Dr Donald Mead, Retired

Mr Ian Moore, Registered

Mr Dennis Neilson, Registered

Mr Paul Nicholls, Ordinary

Professor David Norton, Ordinary

Mr Arthur (Ian) Page, Retired Registered

Mr Murray Parrish, Ordinary

Dr Tim Payn, Ordinary

Mr Christopher Perley, Registered

Mr John Purey-Cust, Ordinary

Mr Simon Rapley, Registered

Mr Christopher (Kit) Richards, Registered



Mr David Rhodes, Ordinary

Mr John Schrider, Registered

Mr Hugh Stevenson, Ordinary

Mr William Studholm, Retired

Dr Wink Sutton, Retired

Professor Geoffrey Sweet, Retired

Mr Phillip Taylor, Ordinary

Mr Peter Thode, Ordinary

Mr Geoff Thorp, Registered

Mr Tim Thorp, Registered

Mr James Treadwell, Registered

Mr John Vaney, Registered

Dr John Wardle, Retired

Mr Robin Webster, Registered

Mr Peter Weir, Ordinary

Mr Don Wijewardana, Retired

Dr Michael Wilcox, Retired

Mr Andrew Wiltshire, Ordinary

Mr Steve Wilton, Ordinary


Deceased Fellow Members

Mr Bruce Childs, Retired 

Mr John Groome, Honorary 

Mr John Ruru

Mr Thomas Song, Ordinary 

Dr Richard Woollons, Retired

Mr Jim Spiers, Honorary

Kirk Horn Award

The purpose of the Kirk Horn Award is to recognise outstanding contributions in the field of forestry in New Zealand, with those eligible being members who currently or previously have worked in forestry in New Zealand.

No applications are called for as the recipient is selected by a committee made up of either the President of the NZIF, the President of the Royal Society and the Professor of the School of Forestry, or made up in total or part by past winners of the Kirk Horn Award, at the discretion of Council.

This award is given out every two years (on even numbered years).

If you wish to suggest names of potential recipients of the Kirk Horn Award, please email the NZIF President and/or the Convener of the NZIF Fellows Committee.

Past holders of the Kirk Horn Award are:

2022 Arthur (Ian) Page

2020 B Manley

2018 R Dale

2016 J Groome 

2014 A. McEwen 

2012 W.R.J. Sutton

2010 P.J. Berg

2008 L. Knowles 

2006 P. Maclaren 

2004 M. Wilcox

2002 A.L. Poole 

2000 A.G.D. Whyte 

1998 P.J. McKelvley 

1996 C. O'Loughlin 

1994 C.G.R. Chavasse 

1992 P.W. Smail 

1990 A.W. Grayburn

1988 E. H. Bunn

Forester of the Year

The NZIF Forester of the Year Award is one of the highest accolades the Institute can bestow. It recognises an NZIF member who has made an outstanding contribution to either the forestry profession or the forestry sector. The award recognises leadership, excellence and personal integrity, particularly where this demonstrates the character and strength of the forestry profession.  To apply please click on this link Nomination form Forester of the Year

The awardee receives a certificate and the Forester of the Year carving, which they hold for one year.

Past holders of the NZIF Forester of the Year are:

2023 Te Kapunga Dewes

2022 Don Hammond

2021 Paul Millen

2020 Julie Collins

2019 John Wardle

2018 Peter Clark

2017 Garth Cumberland

2016 Sally Strang

2015 Brian Richardson

2014 Paul Nicholls

2013 Philip Taylor

2012 Brett Gilmore

2011 Peter Weir

2010 Russell Dale


2009 George Asher  * and David Bergin

2008 Kit Richards

2007 Bruce Manley

2006 Peter Berg

2005 Andrew McEwen

1993 John Balneaves 

1990 Peter Smail 

The Prince of Wales Award for Sustainable Forestry

The purpose of the award is to recognize the achievements of two outstanding young forest professionals in Australia and New Zealand.

Past holders of the Prince of Wales Award are:

2023 Grace Marshall

2022 Jack Palmer

2020 Adrian Loo

2019 Acacia Farmery

2018 David Saathof

2017 Alfred Duval