NZIF Awards

The New Zealand Institute of Forestry (NZIF) gives out three awards – the Kirk Horn Award, Forester of the Year and The Prince of Wales Award for Sustainable Forestry.

For more details about the criteria for these awards, please contact NZIF.

The NZIF Foundation also gives other awards, including scholarships for forestry students.

Kirk Horn Award

The Kirk Horn Award recognises outstanding contributions to forestry in New Zealand and is offered every second year. Rather than applying, the recipient is selected by a committee made up of either the NZIF President, the President of the Royal Society and Professor of the School of Forestry, or made up in total or part from past winners of the Award at the discretion of Council.

To suggest potential recipients of the Kirk Horn Award, please email the NZIF President and/or the Convener of the NZIF Fellows Committee.

About the Kirk Horn     See Honours Board for previous winners

NZIF Forester of the Year

The Forester of the Year Award is awarded to a person who has made an outstanding contribution to the forestry sector in the last year.

The award is open to any nominated NZIF member (who must have achieved at least Ordinary status). The award recognises leadership, excellence and personal integrity, particularly where this demonstrates the character and strength of the forestry profession. The recipient receives a certificate and the Forester of the Year carving, which they hold for one year.

About the Carving     See Honours Board for previous winners

The Prince of Wales Award for Sustainable Forestry

The purpose of the award is to recognize the achievements of two outstanding young forest professionals in Australia and New Zealand. This award is to encourage engagement in and dedication to, the principles of sustainable forest management including policy, planning and practice, sound science based land stewardship. Awardees must be committed to public outreach and knowledge exchange focusing on the wise use and conservation of forests and the ecosystems that they encompass.

About The Prince of Wales Award       See Honours Board for previous winners