Applications for Registered Member Status

Outlined below are the requirements for an application for Registered Member (RM) status.

Prerequisites For Registration
Applications for registration are subject to the requirements of NZIF Rules 148 to 156.

Applicants must:
  • be a member of the NZIF at the time of application (Rule 148.1)
  • have passed a formal course of a standing recognised by the Board in some branch of forestry or an allied discipline (unless otherwise agreed by the Board) (Rule 148.2) Qualifications not listed and subsequently drawn to the attention of the Board will be assessed on a case-by-case basis before adding to the list.
  • have had at least 5 years’ experience in forestry since graduation, of which two must have been in New Zealand and have reached a level of expertise recognised by the Board (Rule 148.3).
  • display to the satisfaction of the Board an understanding of the basic principles of forestry in the applicant’s particular area of qualification and expertise (Rule 148.4).
  • have undertaken a programme of CPD prior to application to the standard prescribed by the Board (Rule 148.5). Current requirements are a minimum of 60 hours over 3 years of which 30 must be Structured CPD - see also CPD.
  • agree in writing to abide by the Code of Ethics (Rule 148.6)

Requirements of Applicant
An applicant for RM status needs to:

  - complete the Application Form
  - complete the Eligibility Declaration
  - complete the PI, COE, Real Estate Experience Form
  - pays the relevant fee, upon invoice

  - Read the Guidance notes Read more

The Application Form prompts applicants to supply certain information such as, CV, referees to provide references and academic record.

The PI, Real Estate & COE Form required applicants to provide details about their Professional Indemnity insurance and real estate experience, as well as signing up to the Code of Ethics. The Eligibility Declaration requires applicants to declare that they have not had specified convictions, been bankrupt and so on. It is declared under the Oaths and Declarations Act 1957 and requires a Justice of the Peace, lawyer or other person authorised to take a statutory declaration to sign.

Registration Process
All applications for registration are forwarded to the Registrar ( and vetted to ensure that the application is complete and complies with the Rules.

Once the application is determined to be in order, the Administrator will issue an invoice for the application fee.

The Registrar will also:

  • advise the applicant
  • place a notice in the NZIF Newsletter advising that members have 20 working days to object to the application, and

If the Registrar receives an objection to the application, the Registrar shall immediately advise the Board Chairman.

Once these steps are complete, the Registrar will arrange for two Board members to act as a Review Panel to consider the application. The review panel is typically given 3 weeks to review the application. During this time, it may request additional material written by the applicant such as reports, published articles or research documents. Reports may be redacted if applicants so choose.

Once it is satisfied it has acquired sufficient information to make a recommendation, the Review Panel completes a standard Application Assessment Form is forwarded to the full Board for a final decision.
If an interview is required at the end of the review process, the Registrar will arrange to interview the applicant.

The Registrar will advise the applicant of the Board’s decision. If successful, the Registrar will advise the Administrator accordingly who will issue an invoice to the applicant for the annual fee. Registration is not complete until the invoice is paid.

Upon receipt of payment the Administrator will issue a Certificate of Registration for the current financial year and allow access to the RMs area of the website. A notice will be placed in the NZIF Newsletter by the Registrar. 

All reports and examples of work experience submitted by a member in support of their application for registration will be deleted or returned to the applicant on completion of the process.