Presentations from the NZIF 2017 Conference - Rotorua

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Sunday CPD Workshops

Andrew McEwen - Real Estate Act Exemption 

Anna Tyler - International Timber Part 1   Part 2   Part 3

Day 1

Peter Clarke - opening Address

Roger Smith - Bio security 2025

Charlotte Severne - Maori forestry realising the moemoea of our tupuna through responsible use of the whenua for  the benefit of descendants

Andy Dick - Toitu Te Waonui: And experiment in planting under-utilszed Maori Land

Graeme Mulligan - A safer Landcorp

Jeff Tombleson - Pruned wood supply from the Central North Island and disrupter influences on wood processing 

Garth Cumberland - The forest sector's policy initiative: Holistic forestry for the future

Political Hustings - no presentation provided

Robert Nola - Fake news and post-truth: Does philosophy have anything to say to forestry?

Brian Richards - Positioning forest industries brands from the outside in

Steve Wilton - Kiwis investing: The Ultimate industry endorsement

Peter Oliver - Forestry's narrative, fact or fiction, and does it matter?

Day 2

Cameron Bagrie - Averting the 10 year boom-bust pattern

Mike May - The people, genetics and environment of forestry in 2050

Tim Payn - Future environmental challenges and New Zealand's planted forests

Russell Death - Why can't I see the forest for the cows: Arboreal solutions for New Zealand's water quality crisis

Sally Strang - The Future of forest certification for New Zealand plantations

Glenn Thorlby - Biotechnology: A solution for wilding conifers in New Zealand?

Chris Fowler - NES plantation forestry: Implications for foresters

Harri Savonen - Forestry machinery training center, Valtimo, Finland

Linton Winder & David Evison - Education for forestry: Opportunities and challenges

Mark Preece - Industry training: Where to next?

Richard Parker - Forestry automation and robotics

Ross Davis - no presentation provided

Steve Chadwick - Rotorua Lakes Council's Wood first policy

Marty Verry - Wood will be the norm in New Zealand mid-rise buildings by 2030: Here's the pathway

Tobias Smith - The timber renaissance: Materials, technologies and techniques

Florian Graichen - Advanced biobased products: Combining sustainability with performance

Daiman Otto - Engineered timber and the future of digital construction

Conference Dinner