Jul 17, 2018, 12:00 AM

NZ National Forest policy
National forest policy document released July 2018
A national forest policy document was distributed to those attending ...
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Climate change mitigation in New Zealand – what is the role of new planted forests ?

To view Climate change mitigation in New Zealand – what is the role of new planted forests ?

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NZIF Zero Carbon Bill submission
The DD is the latest in a 20+ year series of opportunities to comment on Government’s climate change policy. NZIF has co...
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Media Statement - NZ Institute of Forestry launches new National Forest Policy
New Zealand forestry professionals meeting for their annual conference in Nelson today will receive and discuss a new na...
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Media Release - NZ Institute of Forestry recognises outstanding contributions of individuals to New Zealand forestry
The NZ Institute of Forestry recognised the contribution of two of its outstanding leaders at its Annual Awards Dinner i...
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