National forest policy document released July 2018

A national forest policy document was distributed to those attending the Institute conference in Nelson. The document has also been presented to the Minister of Forests, Shane Jones, who addressed the conference. 

The document, resulting from the four year Forest Policy Project, outlines five long-term policies to recognise, protect and enhance the many benefits that trees and forests deliver to the environment, economy, society and culture.  The policies cover all forests (from conservation to production), management objectives, tenure types and all species (indigenous and introduced).

In June 2017, the project issued a draft policy and sought submissions on it.  Around 35 submissions were received and were considered by a small group from the team.  The document has been well received by those that have seen it so far.

Good policy provides important principles to guide decisions on legislation and regulation and helps achieve better outcomes. If the policy is well implemented it will result in healthier, better managed forests which provide much greater value to New Zealand and New Zealanders. It is hoped that Government and its officials will use this document to help develop sound long-term strategies for forestry development in New Zealand.

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