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Sad loss to forestry (Kevin Jamieson (1945-2009))

Authors: Hamish Levack
Publication: New Zealand Journal of Forestry, Volume N.Z.J.For. 2010, Issue N.Z.J.For. 55(1) 2010, pp 31, May 2010
Publisher: New Zealand Institute of Forestry

Abstract: Graduating as a NZFS forest ranger, Kevin worked at Gwavas and Karioi forests and then from 1973 to 1975 obtained overseas experience in Welsh and Danish forests. On his return to NZ he did another stint with the NZFS, this time at Golden Downs. After that he joined P F Olsen as an associate spending seven years in the Bay of Plenty. In 1985 he came to Wellington and set up as a freelance forestry consultant. Always an enthusiast for forestry, he took a group of forest owners and managers to the Elmia Wood conference in Sweden and organized a forestry tour of Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. Subsequently he attended the Emilia Wood Fair twice more and wrote and published articles about what he had learned.