It has been a busy time recently for many members providing feedback on government policy proposals that will affect forestry.

I attended a session in Rotorua last week on two topics: wood legality and trade access, and options for voluntary registration or compulsory regulation of the log supply chain. There was robust feedback from the floor on both topics, and some clear direction on the best way forward. There will be further work on this initiative from NZIF this year, and early in the New Year.

I also attended an industry leaders meeting in Wellington which included presentations from MPI on averaging for forestry in the ETS, and MFE on auctioning and other proposed changes to the ETS. There was a diversity of groups represented round the table, so the views on the best way forward were also diverse, but a common theme was growing concern about adding complexity to a scheme that is already quite difficult to either understand or explain.

NZIF will be providing submissions on these (and other) topics and continuing to attend meetings on behalf of members into the New Year. These submissions will then be available on the NZIF website. Members are encouraged to also put in their own submissions on topics where they have particular expertise.

Again, best wishes to all members for the festive season.

Best wishes

David Evison
President, NZIF