The inaugural NZIF Salary Survey has been completed and access to the survey is described below for members' benefit. 

The survey was sent to 600 NZIF members excluding retired, overseas and student members. 199 responses (33%) were able to be used in the survey.

Items of interest include:

  • Median gross salary for Recent Graduates is $58,520, rising to $62,725 for median total remuneration.
  • Managing Director/GM/CEOs earn the highest median gross salary ($177,500) followed by Regional Managers ($135,000),Consultants ($130,000) and Environmental Managers ($125,000). This order changes once median total remuneration is taken into account. 
  • Highest median gross salary is for people with diplomas ($117,500) followed by doctorate ($115,404). Median gross salary for masters ($102,000) and bachelor ($100,000) is about the same. This changes when comparing median total remuneration.
  • Median gross salaries in the private sector ($110,000) are higher than the science/academic ($93,574) and public sectors ($90,000).

The results are confidential to NZIF members in the first instance and a benefit of membership. A charge will apply to other interested parties wishing to access the report.

The NZIF is grateful to members for taking part in the survey. The NZIF Council has decided that the survey will be updated annually.

To access the full report NZIF members will need to login first, then look forSalary Survey 2017 under "Issues Relating to NZIF Members".

Tim Thorpe
General Manager, NZIF