This year the Foundation is offering awards totalling $44,500.  This is a significant increase from the $6,500 offered when the Foundation was established in 2011.  Most of the new awards offered come from “tagged” donations, where an entity donates funds to support the award so long as the original donation lasts.  The Foundation appreciates these because it raises the profile of the Foundation and encourages others to do the same.

The Foundation really wants to boost the untagged funds it holds, so it can offer more and larger awards to students, for research, for publishing ventures, for promotion of forestry, etc.  It can only do this on a sustainable basis from income earned on the fund, rather than from donations received during the year.  We really need people, such as NZ’s forestry professionals, to donate to the Foundation.

So please help us to help forestry professionals.  Please support the Foundation your professional body established.  Please give what you can afford, however small, and please do it today.  Donations over $5 qualify for tax credits.

Andrew McEwen

Chair, NZIF Foundation