Pinus radiata survival, growth and form four years after planting off and on skidtrails.

Authors: G. Murphy
Publication: New Zealand Journal of Forestry, Volume N.Z.J.For. 1983, Issue N.Z.J.For. 28(2) 1983, pp 184-193, Aug 1983
Publisher: New Zealand Institute of Forestry

Abstract: Trees planted on and off skidtrails were measured and assessed for survival, growth, and tree form. Height growth on the skidtrails was considerably less (327c less) than off the skidtrails. Survival and form were also poorer on the skidtrails.

Growth and survival on the skidtrails were found to be related negatively to the length of skidtrail behind the planting point — a reflection of the amount of traffic over that portion of the skidtrail.

Measurements of soil penetration resistance (compaction) along the skidtrail indicated that it was positively related to the length of skidtrail behind the measurement point. Increased soil penetration resistance on the skidtrails is suggested as one of the contributory factors to the poorer growth, form, and survival.