A young New Zealander Alfred Duval has been launched onto the world stage. Celebrated for his outstanding achievements as an emerging leader in sustainable forestry. 

Duval was awarded the inaugural Prince of Wales Award for Sustainable Forestry in Rotorua on Tuesday 5th September at the NZ Institute of Forestry’s annual awards ceremony. 

The new prize was set up earlier this year, to reward and encourage a young New Zealand forestry professional working in the vital area of sustainable forest management. Similar initiatives have been established in Australia and Canada. 

Championed by The Prince of Wales, the award marks a new dawn for the forestry industry, in New Zealand and around the globe. 

 “This prestigious trophy puts a stake in the ground, and indicates to the next generation of leaders in our industry, the significance of sustainable environmental practices”, NZIF President James Treadwell says. 

Selected from a high calibre shortlist of candidates, Duval was the clear winner, for his proven dedication to sustainable forestry. 

Treadwell confirms, “Duval demonstrated an outstanding aptitude for sustainable forestry management practice on the ground. He’s an emerging leader with the skills and commitment to inspire others in the industry to follow suit.” 

Duval joins a select, but growing group of young leaders with a common passion for sustainable forestry, from throughout the Commonwealth. 

These influential young change-makers, now have an international platform to exchange ideas, promote sustainability, and share their knowledge. 

The Prince of Wales is a long term supporter of young people and of sustainability. His Royal Highness said in a video message played at the New Zealand Institute of Forestry annual awards dinner in Rotorua. I have high hopes that these young men and women, will be a catalyst for change, improving communication and collaboration between national forestry institutes, and ultimately helping to equip the forestry profession to deal wisely with the challenges we face now and in the future”. 

The award is a strong signal of growing recognition, that sustainable forestry management principles, are valuable to mainstream industry practice.


Media contact:

James Treadwell.

President NZIF