NZIF Newsletter 25 September 2017

As I write this the dust is still to settle on the outcomes of the weekend’s general election. Those who heard the politician’s panel at the NZIF conference in Rotorua would have come away quite emboldened by what was a positive vibe around forestry. As President James Treadwell said in the last newsletter it “was heartening to see that all parties seem to be taking our sector seriously”.

The reality is, however, that forestry rates a long way down the list of things of importance to the various parties. In late August, the NZ Herald had an infographic that listed 8 major policy areas as they saw them. The list did not include forestry. Nor, interestingly enough, did it include climate change.

Yet if there is one area in which forestry does get attention amongst politicians it is in relation to climate change or more specifically climate change mitigation. And this concerns me for two reasons – firstly because forestry is so much more than climate change and secondly because I’m not convinced that forestry is going to be the climate change saviour that some parties seem to be counting on. Far from it.

9:00 AM, 25 Sep 2017

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NZIF Media Release Bright Future for Sustainable Forestry in New Forestry in new Zealand

A young New Zealander Alfred Duval has been launched onto the world stage. Celebrated for his outstanding achievements as an emerging leader in sustainable forestry. 

Duval was awarded the inaugural Prince of Wales Award for Sustainable Forestry in Rotorua on Tuesday 5th September at the NZ Institute of Forestry’s annual awards ceremony. 

The new prize was set up earlier this year, to reward and encourage a young New Zealand forestry professional working in the vital area of sustainable forest management. Similar initiatives have been established in Australia and Canada. 

8:36 AM, 06 Sep 2017

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Media Release - NZIF Foundation Awards 2017

The NZIF Foundation announced its 2017 awards at the New Zealand Institute of Forestry conference dinner in Rotorua last week.  The awards encourage and support forestry-related education, training and research through the provision of grants, scholarships and prizes; promoting the acquisition, development and dissemination of forestry-related knowledge and information and other activities.

1:41 PM, 19 Sep 2017


Media Release - 2017’S Top NZ Forester Announced

Passionate forestry industry champion Garth Cumberland has been presented with the coveted NZIF Forester of the Year award for 2017.

The prestigious title is the highest accolade attainable by a New Zealand forestry professional. It is awarded to Cumberland this year, in recognition for his outstanding contribution to the industry, through his efforts to establish a cohesive national Forest Policy for New Zealand.

1:35 PM, 06 Sep 2017

The Prince of Wales Presentation to the NZIF Conference, Rotorua 2017

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